I'm a 16 years old girl that lives in Indonesia. I was born there on 9 July 1994. this year I'll gonna be a grade 11 student. I'm a christian , I really likes to make friends and communicate with others, I loves blue, and I loves a boy ( LOL ) , I love my family and my friends, but the real thing is I'm a loner. sometimes I don't want to be disturb by my friends or everybody else, sometimes I feel annoyed if someone makes me can't do what I want. I'm a 30% good and 50% neutral, and 20% evil. haha. and, I ♥ my boy X)

shurberry ♥

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i am me. i am who? yes, i am me, no doubt about it. LOL
Name Cindy Sutjipto
Gender Female
Age 17
Location Brisbane, QLD
Ethnicity Asian
Interested in Men
Status In a relationship
Interests shopping, reading, gaming, hangouts, talking, listening
Music hillsongs
Movies sooooo many
TV american's got tallent
Books helen dunmore's ingo saga, twilight saga, and wicked lovely saga
Quotes Love is the answer :) - D'Cinammons

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